Week 1 Reflection: Box of Chocolates – A New Mantra

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im-not-just-a-teacherDon’t sell yourself short.

One would think a parable like this would be a no-brainer, but at times I even say to myself,“I’m only a teacher.” This sentiment seemingly reverberates through the teaching community, but why? Do we not see ourselves as more than just the bottom rung on the some professional as some teacher jokes would have us believe? What is it that makes even us question our lifelong passion in such a demeaning fashion?

This is the subject of the blog post I recently took in and it really got me thinking. The main hook in the post focused on trying not to see yourself as just a teacher. There are enough people in the world that are going to try and diminish our contributions as it is. We shouldn’t be the ones leading the charge in this quest to belittle our profession. We, as educators, should hold ourselves up against those that seek to minimize our doings.

I really enjoyed this piece. Even though it focused on English teachers, the take-home message at the core of the piece can be applied to any content area. Seeing yourself as more than “just a teacher” is a crucial step in becoming better at our chosen profession.

So remember, you are more than just a teacher!

Box of Chocolates




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